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Boundary and Subdivision Surveys

Before you purchase a piece of property, your lender or title company may require a boundary survey to be performed on the land. Boundary surveys are the most common types of surveys and the most important. A land boundary is typically the line of demarcation between adjoining land parcels as determined by legal descriptions. Land boundaries can be marked by monuments, fences, hedges or, in some cases, not marked at all. During a boundary survey, extensive research is conducted on the property to reveal title certificates, deeds, and other recorded instruments. Precise measurements of the boundaries are then taken, along with any encroachments. The resulting product is a highly accurate drawing detailing all important information related to the boundaries of the property. Whether required by a lender or title insurance company, it is highly recommended to have a boundary survey completed prior to purchasing property. Boundary surveys can also be a useful tool when the location of a boundary line is in dispute, when making an addition to your home, or prior to improvements to your property. Coastal Dimensions Land Surveying prides itself on its extensive due diligence when conducting these surveys. With our prompt and friendly service, we can perform boundary surveys with the highest level of accuracy, at a competitive price, and in a timely manner. Call us today.

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