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DHEC - OCRM Critical Line Surveys

Critical Line Surveys are conducted to map the DHEC – OCRM jurisdictional boundaries for critical areas along the coast. DHEC – OCRM Critical areas are the coastal waters, tidelands and beach systems along the Atlantic Ocean. The boundary for these areas are known as the “critical line” and DHEC – OCRM has direct jurisdiction for permits to perform any activities within these areas. Activities can include constructing or rebuilding docks, bulkheads and boat ramps.  As part of the DHEC - OCRM permit process, a Critical Line Survey is often required. A Critical Line Survey will show the horizontal position of the critical line (as determined by DHEC – OCRM) as well as the any improvements. This line can move and expire over time, so it is important to make sure you have an updated survey of your property when performing any activities in these areas. Contact us today and let Coastal Dimensions Land Surveying help with your next project.

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